B29 WWII airplane.

I don’t only create organic characters, so here you have a B29 WWII airplane I made. Totally rigged, from the propeller, to flaps, and wheels system.

Rivets everywhere, and lots of little details. I’ve tried to create this airplane the most historically accurate as possible.

Here you have a video I entirely made, with a WWII documentary looking.

Take a look at two rendered cameras I already rendered about that project, in 360 VR Stereoscopic. Still work in progress work, but you will be able to have an idea of the final video, all together:


Renders below.

B29 Front Render.
B29 Render.
B29 Rear Render.
B29 Detail Render.
B29 Side Render.

And here the Wireframe.

B29 Front Render Wireframe.
B29 Render Wireframe.
B29 Rear Render Wireframe.
B29 Side Render Wireframe.