OLD_Kojiro Sasaki. A great samurai from the Edo era. Grand Prize.

Kojiro Sasaki were also one of the best samurais on Japan’s history. The true nemesis of Musashi Miyamoto. I made this 3D character for a Japanese competition. Japanese government made that competition for to ask designs for a new pair of sculptures, for the city of Kokura, located on the Southern island of Kyushu. They finally used my design of that samurai, in a fight with Musashi Miyamoto. They both together can be seen near the entrance of the Kokura castle.

Kojiro Sasaki, a true gentleman of the Edo era.
Straight long hair. Need to take so good care with the colliders for the dynamic hair.

This CG character is fully animated, even dynamic clothes and hair. Sleeves, cape, cords, sword case on the rear over the cape, and don’t forget the rest of tight clothes, keeping the shape and wrinkles. In that character, with such long hair, special care has been needed. All together can put any computer under troubles, for sure.

To make a character with such dynamic long hair and layers of clothes, is always a little nightmare. But I must say I like that type of challenges.
Originally I made the hair of that character less straight looking, as that render, but historically were not as accurate as the final straight hair, so changed.

For that competition, I need to make in before a good documentation about the real history, personal swords, clothes, looking, and way of being of both samurais. At the end, this is an important part of history for Japanese people, so I didn’t wanted to just make two “generic” samurai characters. Every detail is important.

One of the renders for the Japanese competition that I won.
Final statue infront of the Kokura castle, by my CG design.
One of the renders that I send to the competition.

Textured after the competition.

Two powerful forces collide, with the real Kokura castle on the background.
Sakura season for Kojiro Sasaki.
Initial stage of the texturing process for Kojiro character.

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