OLD_Musashi Miyamoto. Fully animated character. Grand Prize.

Maybe you have heard about that legendary samurai. He’s known as the best samurai on Japanese history. I made this 3D character for a Japanese competition. Japanese government made that competition for to ask designs for a new pair of sculptures, for the city of Kokura, located on the Southern island of Kyushu. And I won!!. So they finally used my design of that samurai, and his nemesis, Kojiro Sasaki. They both together can be seen near the entrance of the Kokura castle.

Musashi Miyamoto.
Musashi Miyamoto. Fully animated character, with dynamic clothes and hair.

This CG character is fully animated, and also have dynamic clothes and hair. To make that tight clothes to move in a natural way, even with fast moves, keeping at the same time the shape and wrinkles, has been difficult. Collisions were the most complicated section, as the system had hard to simulate every separated layer of clothes. Hair has not been as difficult with that samurai, as it’s short. Not the same case as the other samurai, Kojiro, with his very long hair.

Rigging test.
Detail shot of the fur and hairs used on Musashi character.
First stages on the Subsurface Scattering for Musashi’s skin.

For that competition, I need to make in before a good documentation about the real history, personal swords, clothes, looking, and way of being of both samurais. At the end, this is an important part of history for Japanese people, so I didn’t wanted to just make two “generic” samurai characters.
I like to make details. For example, I sculpted veins on hands and arms, not just textured.

Render send for the sculpture competition.
The final sculpture made with my CG design. Grand prize.

If you have the opportunity, please visit Kokura castle.

Render for to make the final sculptures of the Kokura castle, Japan.
Textured characters, on the same pose as the final sculptures.

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