I am Toni, a CG Generalist.

Animation is my main focus, while I can do all the 3D aspects.

Modeling, Texturing, UV mapping, Rigging, Lighting, Render ... I love them all!!. Keyframe Animation, MOCAP, both ways works well together. Simulating Fluids, Particles, Cloth, or Hair, is an art itself.

Always improve, imagine, create, and remember to breath. We need to use our own skills to make the entire World shine.

If I still have not done something is because I still have not tried to do it.

I am Toni, a CG Generalist.

CGI and VFX Reel 2020

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My philosophy

Passion is the key for a well done job.
No matter big or small, your light can ignite the spark of others to pursue their own dreams.
Don’t be afraid, life is an adventure, so walk through it fighting for what you like the most.
Shines, my friend.

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